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Sole types for support shoes

  • The flexible outsole promotes the foot’s flexing action
  • In our anti-varus and neutral shoes, the outsole is less flexible due to the integrated three-point correction
  • Shell bottom with deep space to accommodate foot (approx. 15 mm at size 28)
  • Wide contact area
  • Foamed PU bottom (full material)
  • Easy to modify
  • Applied leather frame
  • Wide contact area
  • Foamed EVA bottom in ray pattern (the medial extended heel supports the longitudinal arch)
  • Easy to modify
  • Rocker bottom
  • Wider contact area
  • Micropore midsole
  • The triangular profile of the rubber outsole ensures a secure stance
  • Very easy to modify
  • The flexible profile sole supports a natural gait
  • Shell bottom with extra depth (approx. 10 mm at size 28)
  • Wider contact area
  • Foamed PU bottom with air chamber system
  • Modifiable

Please note that the toe spring, outsole production and sole shape and width may vary, also within one shoe segment.