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Multi-support shoes

Higher shaft – with a stable arthrodesis cap

These models can be further reinforced by two thermoplastically mouldable stabilising rods on the inner and outer side. The stiffening elements are available in two strengths:
white = strong, beige = medium strength. Four white rods are included.

This allows for even more lateral stability and rotational stability in the ankle joint area, without com-promising the rolling of the foot. The integrated rolling section on the ball of the foot facilitates step initiation.
As is the case with our other therapeutic shoes, individual shoe adjustments can also be made to these models. The applications for the multi-support shoe include, among other things, the follow-up treatment of conservatively or surgically treated capsular ligament lesions in the ankle, capsular ligament insufficiency or Achilles tendon injuries. It is also suitable for immobilisation of the tarsal and metatarsal areas, as well as follow-up treatment of fractures and arthrodesis.

041910002 Size 36–39 041911002 Size 36–39
041910-003 Size 40–44 041911003 Size 40–44
041910004 Size 45–47 041911004 Size 45–47
One set contains eight white support strips One set contains eight skin-coloured support strips