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Our feet have the task of carrying us throughout our lives. That makes shoes especially important. They should protect us and yet also be comfortable. And not have a negative influence on growth.

Good to know: the feet of a small child (up to the age of four) will generally grow up to two centimetres a year, which is as much as three shoe sizes. From the age of four, the growth can be as much as two shoe sizes per year. In order to avoid damage to the feet, shoes should never be bought in sizes that are too small, nor too big. So in this case, size matters.

Our therapeutic shoes provide a good hold

For a well-fitting shoe, a proper heel hold is just as important as diverse options for adjustment on the instep. In addition, shoes need to have enough space for the toes. That makes accurate sizing of shoes especially important.

Working out the right size

For children and teenagers, the shoe size is made up as follows:
Foot length + push room + room to grow = shoe size
  Allowance (add-on)  

With that in mind, we have developed a foot measurement device especially for our therapeutic shoes, which takes those values into consideration. It helps you ensure you are making the right choice.

Width selection

Give the wheel a spin

In addition to the Schein app, our wheel provides a practical overview of the my generation last dimensions. When selecting the width, it is important to include insoles or orthotics in the measurement.